Red Thread Journal #Spring/Summer 2017

Spring/Summer 2017

Red Thread Journal is a bi-annual image only publication, dedicated to the explorative journay through fashion, design, photography and art with a red thread that unites theme and aesthetic.

The aim is to inspire and evoke using imagery only, Red Thread is visually rich, focused and enticing.

For the Spring Summer 2017 issue we decided to focus attention towards the distortion of what we deem to be an accurate photographic representation of subject matter. In part, it’s a foray into the surreal, but equally the images represent a collage of alternative perspectives. There’s something liberating and very playful about a medium that embraces distortion and change. All the photographers and artists in this issue have displayed a willing to elaborate on the norm, and for that I am grateful.

As Wolfgang Tillmans so eloquently articulates: The true authenticity of photographs for me is that they usually manipulate and lie about what is in front of the camera, but never lie about the intentions behind the camera.