Real Review #3

Real Review is the flagship publication of the ŘEAL foundation and is published quarterly.

Through engaging analysis, evaluation and enquiry, the Real Review pursues what it means to live today.

Real Review #3 explores the general mood over the last few months that things were better the way they were before. There is a popular sense that blunders have been made and we should backtrack as quickly as possible. Exactly which past you are trying to recreate depends on your political persuasion. Disaffected with democracy, fed up with economic stagnation, even bored by new fashions and consumer electronics, ennui is pervasive. The search for something drastically different, a real alternative, has begun. - Real Review


Editor of Texte zur Kunst Isabelle Graw, 

Jack Self reviews “Café Society”.

The exhausting sensuality of J.G. Ballard’s Super Cannes is reviewed and recomposed by Keller Easterling.

Tim Ivison reviews a marriage proposal made with a diamond ring fashioned from Mexican architect Luis Barragán’s remains.

Urban owl Suzanne Hall stays up late to take the London Night Tube, uncovering a world of party goers and low-paid workers, with photography by Max Creasy.

In the small town of Prineville, Oregon, Liam Young becomes the first visitor to venture into the modern day cathedral that is Facebook’s central data centre.

London-based architects Hesselbrand review the plan as a way of life, and the effort to do more with less.

Swiss architect Peter Märkli tells us what it means to live today.


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