Rave Zine #3

Rave Magazine, founded in 2019 by photographer Peter Carter and stylist Florence Arnold, is a London-based publication that prioritizes artistic freedom and offers a platform for photographers, stylists, and artists to showcase their work. Unlike many traditional fashion magazines, Rave Magazine is not limited to just fashion imagery. The magazine's mission is to allow contributors to present their work in the way they believe best represents their art, regardless of genre or medium.

Rave Zine
272 pages of PISS!
Issue Three
Summer / Winter 2023

Rave issue 3's cover story by Jet Swan & Flo Arnold.

In their third issue, Rave Zine features an illustrious collection of work from photographers like Jet Swan, Clara Balzary, Raphael Bliss, Ewen Spencer, Charlotte Wales, Peter Carter, Motoyuki Daifu, and Sam Rock as well as contributions from the likes of Arun Gogna, Flo Arnold, Matthew Josephs, Betsy Johnson, Hisato Tasaka and many others. The magazine aims to bridge the gap between digital and print platforms, providing a tangible space for artists to showcase their creations. Rave Magazine also places importance on building a sense of community among like-minded individuals, reminiscent of the communal spirit of a literal rave, making it a celebration of creativity and artistic expression.