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Purple Fashion #37

Purple 37 - The Future Issue

Purple features The Future, avoiding two obvious scenarios: the optimistic narrative of the '60s and '70s - which aimed to design the world of tomorrow, based on progress, space age, new age - and the dystopic vision of the '80s, with cyberpunk culture and artificial intelligence.

As both visions are two sides of the same illusion: the future will either save or destroy us. Seeing it as impossible to predict, Purple sees the future as not a narrative or a destination, but simply something that happens to us.

For this issue the team casted creatives and a few artists who truly incarnate the future: among them, trans philosopher Paul B. Preciado, Jon Rafman about cyberspace and gaming, non-binary artist Eliza Douglas and Balenciaga's wonder Demna. All artists and designers featured are vehicles to the future and encourage us to open up to new possibilities - because the future is now.