Print #71.2

Issue 71.2 Summer 2017

The type world can feel like the most brutally exclusive of clubs, which makes the annual Print typography issue a doozey for the editors. Whether it’s ensuring that a “typeface” didn’t slip through when “font” should have been used, or “type design” didn’t take the place of “typography,” Editor-in-Chief Zachary Petit is constantly keeping up with the minutiae of terms at any cost.

However, this typography issue, with cover photo by John Keatley and typography by Louise Fili, is a bit different from past editions. Here, we dive into the turning tides of typography. Throughout the issue you’ll find voices advocating for “the strict adherence to classic terms,” while others advocate for everyone to “lighten up.”

Join the discussion, question the standards, give things a fresh look. Grab your copy of the Print Summer 2017 Special Typography Issue today.