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Primary Paper #5

Primary Paper―Issue 5

PRIMARY PAPER is an annual print magazine. Each issue contributors offer their unique perspective on a single topic that is culturally significant and artistically relevant. The fifth issue of PRIMARY looks deeply at the theme of ‘Faith’. Beyond just religion and spirituality, Faith is what guides the life we live. It’s what we believe, what we trust and what we admire. Faith can be powerful, complex, influential and sometimes confronting. It can create a sense of community, but can also cause a divide. The concept of Faith is about placing true confidence in what you believe in, be it religious, spiritual, philosophical or human.

Some highlights of the issue include a photo essay by South Korean photographer Cho Gi-Seok that juxtaposes traditional Korean culture with modern-day digitalisation and questions what religion is today. Felicity Ingram travels to Iceland to create a whimsical fashion editorial on the mythical beliefs of Icelandic folklore. Silvana Trevale and stylist Daniela Benaim connect with their own cultural roots with a modern photographic interpretation of retablos, that highlights the Latinx community of London.

José Cuevas documents the tribe of Idaw Mahmoud and their traditional dance of Taskiwin, hidden away in the Atlas Mountains of central Morocco. We interview Jonas Lindstroem on his new photo series ‘Believe’ and discussed the importance of embracing the unexpected. Olivia Malone and Coquito Cassibba collaborate on a fashion editorial that looks at the supernatural connection between humans and nature. James Perolls and Seunghee Son travel to South Korea to document the traditional masked dance performance called Bongsan Talchum performed by the Korean National University of Arts.

Founded & Curated by
Coquito Cassibba & Jessica McGowan

9x12in, 184 Pages
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