Primary Paper #4

PRIMARY PAPER is a biannual print magazine. Each issue contributors offer their unique perspective on a single topic that is culturally significant and artistically relevant. The fourth issue of PRIMARY looks deeply at the theme of ‘Human’. What is it that makes us feel human? Feel natural? Feel a part of humankind? Human instincts and behaviours. What is the essence of humanity? People, places, cultures, true connections. How does our community influence us creatively?

After the unforgettable year of 2020, PRIMARY reflects on the challenges that were faced collectively, as the whole world changed together, celebrating the strengths and vulnerabilities of human resilience in these uncertain times. The desire for this issue was to offer contributors some inspiration, maybe an opportunity to create differently, a chance to revisit old archives or even just provide some sense of community in surreal times.

Some highlights of the issue include—


Founded & Curated by
Coquito Cassibba & Jessica McGowan


9x12in, 260 Pages
Limited Edition of 500 copies