Pressing Matters #23

Two pairs of hands are better than one, right? Well, the idea of partnering up or working collectively isn’t always an obvious choice when making art – some people run a mile from sharing their process with another – however, this edition is full of stories of people doing bigger and better things together. Whether it’s forming a printmaking collective or printing with your partner, nurturing a sense of community around the work you do can lead to surprising, and often more satisfying, results.

This issue takes us on a tour of so many interesting countries and cultures  – artists from Latvia, Ukraine, Mexico, USA, Iran and South Africa nestle amongst those that are closer to home. It’s fascinating to see how a sense of place and its people permeates the work they make. It’s great to be able to travel between the worlds of folklore, street art and abstract expressionism, whilst remaining firmly in the sphere of printmaking.

Inside issue 23 of Pressing Matters you'll find: the beautiful abstract screenprints of Emma Lawrenson, the bold William Morris-inspired screenprints of Jessie de Salis, the beautiful, emotional landscapes of Gail Mason, and the folkloric woodcuts of Two Lovers Printmaking. Elsewhere - three monochrome makers taking inspiration from the animal kingdom, the printmakers bringing together the realms of sport and art, and an interview, and a visit to the studio spaces of three very different printmakers.