Popshot #22

Popshot is an illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from the literary new blood. The magazine is published quarterly.


The Nostalgia issue is our rose-tinted compilation of finely-crafted poetry and prose that looks back in anger, fondness, love and regret; a shoebox full of literary memories, which includes cassette tapes and cruel parents, ice cream and infidelity, rollercoasters and Richard Curtis. Our cover is designed by Jan Siemen.

Words by Mikki Aronoff, Jo Brandon, Isabella Garces, Kevin Graham, James Hatton, Deborah Herman, Jenny Hockey, Isobel Jane, Kavita Jindal, Oeil Jumratsilpa, Jessica Kashdan-Brown, Anna Kisby, Luke Larkin, Geoff Lavender, Harvey Moldon, Peter Mullineaux, ER Murray, Anna Nazarova-Evans, Charlotte Newman, Roanne O’Neil, Michelle Penn, Arianna Reiche, Katharine Rhodes, Belinda Rimmer, Julie-Ann Rowell, Gabrielle Turner, Alan Ward, Clint Wastling, Christopher Woods and Su Yin Yap.

Illustrations by Leah Brideaux, Andy Carter, Eric Chow, Mirko Cresta, Marta D’Asaro, James Fenwick, Evangeline Gallagher, Sara Gironi Carnevale, Ollie Hoff, Zach Meyer, Toby Morison, Cody Muir, Jacob Myrick, Napal Naps, Cebine Nieuwenhuize, Michael Parkin, Suzie Patrick, Renzo Razzetto, Claire Scully, Jan Siemen, Stereohype, Vector That Fox and Millie Woodcock.