Plum Gold Bird Brooch

Nadja Carlotti is a French brand of Jewelry, whose leitmotiv is sobriety and lightness. Across collections since 2007, Nadia designs with balance of forms and colors. She’s always guided by her watchwords: elegance and minimalism
Travels, history of Art, Architecture, offer her an endless source of inspiration.
All her jewels are imagined and made in France, in Paris, in brass gold plated, nickel free and in collaboration with Parisian crafstmen (welder, gilder, enameler) whose know-how is a guarantee of quality.

Inspired by a funny bird called the Cagou, the PLUM collection will give you want to take to the open sea. The hood is an endemic bird which lives in the Southern Province of New Caledonia.

He barks in the morning and in the evening, he does not doesn't fly because it had no use for it until its first predator arrived. Man. Today, it is still very much threatened by pigs, dogs and man. He deploys his grey plumage and his owl when he feels threatened. Sound
species has been protected since 1973, only 600 remain. We will dream with him, that it takes flight by unfolding its majestic plumage.

Gilded with 24k (1 micron) fine gold. Nickel-free. Designed and manufactured in France, in the Paris region.

Dimensions: l: 4,7 x H: 7,6 cm