Pleasant Place #1 Enclosures

Issue 1: Enclosures

A garden is a garden because it’s framed and shielded from the outside world. Right?

A Sisterly Witch Dance in the Walled Garden – an essay on the walled garden by Laurie Cluitmans
My Garden’s Boundaries are the Horizon – a photo-essay on Derek Jarman’s fenceless garden at Prospect Cottage
New Enclosures – new and experimental enclosures by artists Cindy Bakker, Iede Reckman, Jesse Greulich and Daniel Slats
Living Enclosures – an article on the benefits of living enclosures with illustrations by Gijs Deddens;
a set of hortus conclusus miniatures by Sophie Artz

The cover and inside cover are by Pleasant Place x Marius Grootveld x D.alle and graphic design is by fanfare.

32 pages, plus miniatures in centerfold, 18 x 24cm, English.