Pitch #1

Pitch is here to tell those stories. It’s here to reflect the sports fans love, to inform, to heighten, to inflame but, most of all, to enhance your love of all things sport. Let the games begin.

In our first issue, we’ll look at the fastest men ever (how fast was fast in 1934?). We’ll look at how the six-foot-four son of a former goalkeeper from Stuttgart has become the Premiership’s longest-serving manager, bringing Klopp-ball to Liverpool 4. We’ll look at the extraordinary rise of the Exeter Chiefs, the longevity of England’s Greatest Living Lancastrian, Mr Jimmy Anderson, and celebrate the phenomenal talent of Dame Laura Kenny.

The fastest men. Ever. Baseball. Unpacked. Exeter Chiefs. Chopped. Darts. Arrowed in on. Panini stickers. Unstuck. Sporting train stations. Given a platform. And croquet. All the hoop-la.

Jürgen Klopp, James Anderson, Dame Laura Kenny, Simone Biles and much more. We think it’s unmissable. So don’t.