Pilot #2

PILOT is a digest dedicated to all things creative, experimental, and authentic.

Lovers of art, music, fashion, film, literature, honest lifestyle content, or existential chronicles by sleep deprived twenty-somethings that don’t fit into any of those categories are invited to discover something new or simply find some comfort in our narratives.

While proudly small town born, this publication is inspired by a range of genres, places, and cultures and hopes to invigorate a community of curious and thoughtful creatives.

Issue 02: HARDWARE

Inside issue #2:
Massive, coffee table book composition with industrial staple accents
Filled with 136 high quality, 257mm x 364mm pages
Features a surplus of photography, articles, illustrations, poems, and interviews
Invites interactive reflection with unique activity spaces and coloring pages
Work submitted by creatives from all over the world

Mindfulness, materiality, multi-purpose. The creatives featured in this issue connected back to their intentionality, using the tools they were given (both physical and psychological) to prove that stripping down one’s process can make for even more meaningful, intricate work.

Throughout these pages, we hope you’re inspired by the rawness of both the material and the design to consider what you can do with the basics. How can you find and create meaning from the mundane? What happens when you strip away excess? What’s integrated into your creative ‘system’, and what are the fundamental values and practices that you always come back to?