Photographic Memory

Do you ever wish you had a photographic memory? 25 classic photographs have been split in half – match the two halves of the images together to imprint classic photographs on your memory and discover the history of photography in the process.

Featuring world-famous photographers, from Dorothea Lange to Steve McCurry, this unique new memory game is a perfect gift for fans of photography and art.

Joshua K. Jara is a Berlin-based photographer who studied at Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence, Italy. 

His photographic work revolves around the interplay between human existence and technology. 

He’s passionate about how images are integrated in our society, their ability to depict truth, create fictions and recount myths.

MATCH IT: A fun, simple game of matching pairs. In the format of a classic memory game, this unique photographic memory game will have you piecing together famous artworks!

BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED: Discover 50 cards imprinting 25 classic photographs on your mind by matching the two halves.

EASY TO PLAY: Easy to understand instructions make it possible to start playing right away.

HIGHEST QUALITY: Includes a full colour booklet with information on all 25 world-famous photographers from Anna Atkins to Martin Parr and many more

GIFTS: The perfect gift for photography and art fans or simply people wanting to get to know photographers work more.