Philosophy in 40 Ideas

Lessons for Life

Philosophy is a practical discipline committed to helping us live wiser and less sorrowful lives. This book draws together forty of the greatest ideas found in both Eastern and Western philosophy, spanning the history of thought from Socrates to the Buddha, Jean-Paul Sartre to Lao Tzu. We are reminded of the wit, humanity and relevance of the great thinkers – who have hugely helpful things to say to us about falling in love, making friends, finding serenity, discovering our purpose and enjoying what remains of our lives.

The word ‘philosophy’ hints to us why the subject matters. In Ancient Greek, ‘philo’ (love) and ‘sophia’ (wisdom) indicate that philosophy is quite literally a discipline for those who ‘love wisdom’. Here are its most essential ideas rescued, highlighted and inspiringly presented so that they can work their helpful effects where it is most needed: in our daily lives.

Selected Chapters Include:

  • Know yourself
  • Philo-sophia
  • Democracy
  • Eros and philia
  • Sub specie aeternitatis
  • Machiavellianism
  • The Vinegar-Tasters
  • The life of Confucius
  • Mettā/Benevolence
  • Water as wisdom

Hardback book with colour images | 85 pages | 178 x 126 mm