Philippe Weisbecker

Philippe Weisbecker (Author)

Philippe Weisbecker’s work is a constant search for the essence of the subjects he draws. His line is clear and he brings the form to its essence with an almost schematic representation. However, this simplicity vibrates and, far from being cold and distant, brings you closer to the objects represented. One perceives attention, humility, and a pleasure to transcribe the most ordinary reality.

As a well-organized storekeeper, in his drawings, Weisbecker proceeds by series.

‘U.S. Trucks’ is the very first one he made, filled conscientiously with vehicles seen in the streets of New York, from a UPS oversize parcel service truck to an express airport carpool van.

Published by Fotokino
ISBN 9782902565054
64 pages
colour & b/w
16 x 21 cm