Period #2

Period. is a zine that unapologetically focuses on the contemporary female narrative by female-only contributors. Issue two investigates concepts around Motherhood from the perspective of ten women; photogrpahers, artists, illustrators and writers. Contributors include

Polly Brown, Tara Darby, Nina Andersson, ELin Unnes, Cecilia Carlstedt, Paola de Grenet, Lena Modigh, Maite Guerrero, Dani Wall, and Kristina Sigunsdotter.

It is an homage to Motherhood, to my own mother and all the mothers in my family.I had the best mother. Complex. Not boring. She was my best friend. She never wore makeup, only red lipstick when she went to a party with my father, Lancome. She smelled of Nina Ricci. She never shaved her legs and armpits. She didn’t paint her nails. She loved to stay up late and sleep in the morning. She was beautiful. She preferred to play with boys when she was little, and did gymnastics till she was 25. She never went on a diet or talked about food. She was my mother. She never told me to be proud of my body, she just showed me how to. She never told me off, or told me what to do. She just loved me. It was shit when she died. Really fucking shit. I miss her.