Perfect Bound #3

Perfect Bound - Vol #3 The Truth Issue

Perfect Bound is focused on exploring and uncovering the truth through the lenses of art, photography, fashion, design, literature, travel and music.  From fresh new talent to internationally renowned artists, photographers, writers, curators, stylists and designers, our contributors reveal what truth means to them.

Truth or lies? Fact or fiction? The lines between authenticity and fakery have become blurred of late, and it was with trepidiation that we chose TRUTH as our theme for this issue. What would our contributors have to say on the subject? What would their version of truth be - and would we like it? Judge for yourself. This issue is filled with honesty, transparency and bare truths. Take artist and muse Sue Tilley, and her no-holds-barred story of friendship with performance artist Leigh Bowery (page 84).

There is also “truth in beauty”, as illustrated in Tim Walker’s “Wonderful Things” exhibition at the V&A; it’s reviewed on page 30 by our creative director, Geoff Waring, who met the young Walker at the start of his career. After the finery of fashion we bring you the rawness of rock ’n’ roll, with photographer Andrew Catlin’s iconic, often hyper-truthful portraits of musicians (page 58), which I’ve been a fan of since his days of shooting covers and stories for the NME. Uncovering the truth behind unrest in his former home, writer Gareth Stevens reports on the Hong Kong demonstrations (page 22), joining photographer Nicola Longobardi on the front line as he captures the protestors in action.

Volume#3 is also concerned with future truths, especially with the issues of climate change and the urgent need for sustainability in the fashion and beauty industries. Wherever you stand and whatever you believe in, the truth is out there, in black and white, and in colour. You just have to look for it. Karena Callen, Editor

This is our third issue. If we were a band (and sometimes it feels like we are), this would be our third album, our OK Computer, our Utero, our London Calling. We’re excited to have devoted Perfect Bound Volume#3 to real truths, which are increasingly hard to find in a post-truth world led by the likes of Trump and Putin. Where better to start than with the wise but angry words of Greta Thunberg (page 8)? She speaks from the heart and has science on her side; you don’t get more truthful than that.

It’s undeniable that our planet is under constant attack from us all, and Wendy Carrig’s beautifully simple yet profound still lifes of plastic washed up on her local beach (page 76) really make you pause to think about where that shampoo bottle or lighter actually ends up. Although the future can look depressing, good things are happening. On page 12, Andrew Macpherson has documented Richard Jenkins’ incredible Saildrone project, which will hopefully revolutionise research into the acidification of our seas.

And people are rising for the truth; see Piers Golden’s photo-essay (page 48) on the anti-Trump march that took place in London in June. The world is waking up to the fact that if we want a better future, we have to act now. Hopefully it’s not too late. The ultimate truth is that the Trumps and Bolsonaros of this world are dinosaurs, making their final stand before they fade away…