Penguin Screwdriver

Today’s tools are often a second thought, lost in a set of drawers never to be found again. iThinking’s approach to this issue was to create a tool that could be neatly tucked away but not hidden, instead, a lighthearted addition to any home.

Penguin is designed with a comfortable and soft textured body with everything you need. Six different-sized screwdriver bits conveniently tucked away in its handle making it ready to take on the next project needed.

Color: Available in black.
Dimensions: L79 x W84 x H91 mm, Head bits 25mm length
Material: TPR, PP, Cr-V, S2 (bits)
Info:1 pc magnetic bits holder, 8 pcs ¼" phillips & slotted & hex, 1 pc 42mm extension bar