Paraphilia #1

The Paraphilia collective is an artistic research group aimed at exploring Kink through artistic, graphic and experimental writing methodologies. The group has been conceived to validate kink as a natural part of sexual expression and progress the discourse of the multifaceted lifestyle through research interviews and artistic expression.

This publication is an exhibition, an experiment in Co-operative smut dissemination. We don’t do interviews; we give space to people that have something to say. We support these people by giving them an equal share of the profit made from this publication. Each publication becomes a co-op smut peddling endeavour inspired and devised by the creators that fill its pages. By buying a copy and enjoying the work, you are putting money in the pockets of those that add texture colour and variety to this community. This isn’t something that happens enough in this sphere, so thank you.

This 90-page full-colour publication spans the spectrum of BDSM interests. With work from Nina Sever, Sadie the Sadist, Ferric Oxide, Delta Elena, Kris Canavan, Ellie English, Marica Innocente, Caro Ley, Maisy Taylor, Ashely Rommelrath and Conor James.