Panoramic #1

Panoramic is an international magazine based in Cambridge, who platform young voices from around the world. With a network of up-and-coming journalists from over 40 countries, they work to de-centre Western narratives in the media, at the same time as offering an opportunity to journalists from diverse backgrounds.

In their most recent edition 17 young writers from every continent engage with "Future", bringing in their own personal stories, while analysing topics from the construction boom in Kenya to the gentrification of queer spaces in Manchester to what comes after neoliberalism in Chile.

Our 80-page issue includes seventeen authors from across six continents exploring the subject ‘Future’, each with their own interpretation of this theme. Our writers have tackled a wide array of pressing topics – ranging from the tangible to the abstract – from the future of the tech landscape to the commercialisation of queer spaces to the state of truth.

Within this edition, you will find op-eds, book reviews, collaborative and interview pieces as well as illustrations done by seven different illustrators. Additionally, make sure to check out the QR codes scattered throughout which you can scan for additional reading, listening, or watching recommendations, hand-selected by our editorial team.