One Ingredient Recipes

A cookbook with recipes consisting of just one ingredient. Is it even possible? Martijn in ‘t Veld says that he loves cooking. But, just like everyone else, he doesn’t always have the time for it. So he composed this cookbook with his favourite single-ingredient recipes. Most of them are so simple, you don’t even need to eat them. From existential musings and clues for finding peace in life, to creating humorous and uncomfortable (but in a good way) situations, these recipes will amaze and delight.

Combining influences from poetry, conceptual art, and children’s books, Martijn has been publishing a wide range of printed matter under the name of the Happy Potato Press since its inception in 2019.

Recipes so simple you don’t even need to eat them. Learn how to take selfies with your mouth full of bananas, go on a blind date with a pear, or see acrobats perform stunts inside a cucumber. If these dishes don’t make you full, they will surely make you smile.

2022 - 2nd Edition - 128 pages - 150 grams - 105mm × 148mm (A6)

Offset print Softcover binding ISBN: 9789083016160