Omnom #4

Omnom Magazine is a biannual magazine about ethical food and lifestyle.

In Issue Four Omnom take a broader look at what it means to live in a more mindful, sustainable manner with an issue focused on home and community.

'We examine the UK’s homelessness crisis and speak to Change Please about their mission to reduce homelessness through coffee. We also ask how we can build homes more sustainably, look at how forest schools can transform the educational process and discuss how vertical farming can help us grow food locally in urban environments.

Eat More Greens is more than just a tag line on our front cover; it’s the calling card of our manifesto. We’re embarking on a revolution to change the way we eat and live – and this magazine is just the start.

In this issue we have a cuppa with veggie dive bar The Full Nelson, chat about eggless cake-making with Baking Bad, taste some finings-free beer at Beavertown Brewery, check out the ‘pure water’ pizzeria Fed by Water and discover how people are redefining the food traditions they grew up with.' - Omnom