Omnom #1

Omnom Magazine is a 96-page printed biannual magazine about ethical food and lifestyle.

Following a vegetarian or vegan diet isn’t about wellness, green smoothies or living life on a permanent detox.

Too many publications – from cookbooks to blogs – advocate an approach to plant-based eating that either makes it all about ‘clean living’, or suggest you should follow a restrictive regime bound by expensive ingredients and time-intensive methods.

This vision of what a vegan diet ‘should’ be is completely unrealistic. We can’t all be as delicious as Ella.

These kind of messages give the wrong impression – that adopting a more sustainable diet is going to be too difficult, too expensive or too time consuming for regular guys and gals.

Because of this, non-vegans often feel alienated from discussions around ethical food. We’re out to change this. With Omnom Magazine, we share stories that show how eating plant-based meals isn’t about expensive ingredients, limiting your diet or labouring over what should be a simple meal.

Rather than dictating the terms of healthy living, Omnom encourages a more open conversation around ethical food.

Eat More Greens is more than just a tag line on our front cover; it’s the calling card of our manifesto. We’re embarking on a revolution to change the way we eat and live – and this magazine is just the start.

In this issue we have a cuppa with veggie dive bar The Full Nelson, chat about eggless cake-making with Baking Bad, taste some finings-free beer at Beavertown Brewery, check out the ‘pure water’ pizzeria Fed by Water and discover how people are redefining the food traditions they grew up with.