Oh (Oh Comely) #51

Welcome to Oh, the reimagined Oh Comely for our changing times. Take a look at Issue 51 for fresh ways of looking inside yourself and out at the world. It brings together ideas for mental wellbeing with savouring the everyday, as well as extraordinary experiences. It’s about mindful being and mindful doing.

We’re exploring how kindness became cool and ‘the friend effect’ – making new ones and keeping old ones. There are reader stories of familiarity, street wisdom for city living and advice on how to feel, not just do your run. We’re experiencing the wonder in a night-time wander and learning how baking bread can soothe your soul. Plus a guide to sophrology and how setting a purpose makes for more meaningful travel.

In every issue you’ll find:

Oh moments – mini meditations where you can take a breather

Doses of mindfulness – small helpings of quiet and focus to get to know yourself better

Longer reads that encourage you to put your phone aside and bring your full attention

Stories of and by interesting people, inspiring us to notice the everyday and try something new