Off The Rails #19

Off the Rails is a photography, art, and culture magazine that looks at artists of all mediums, youth culture, and current trends. It captures the present, remembers the past, and anticipates the future in every issue.

As the world seems to be heading back to some sort of normality. We need to be reminded not to ‘look back in anger’. It’s been hard for everyone. Some people for multiple reasons. We’ve lost enough this past year so we’ve gotta look ahead. We’re learning to live again and for us in the creative world, that feels kinda like starting from scratch, huh? Trust me mate it’s not. You’ve just gotta find your sweet spot again then everything else will fall back into place. You got this! Don’t look back.

An accidental letter to myself. It wasn’t meant to be but it fits like a glove. If you find that it applies to you too, run with it.

I’d personally like to dedicate this issue to Elizabeth again. Am sorry it’s been so all-consuming, even now still working at 5AM when you told me not to. I know you get it and support it. The good thing is the team are so ‘well oiled’ now that it’s time to divvy up the fun and let the misfits run wild. Which means I can nap with you on the nofa. Now let’s rebook our wedding ay?

Issue 19 Printed Magazine 'Learning To Live Again

Yet again we've done a print 'first ever'! The technique this time round, used to create our neon cover and wild colours throughout the internal pages has never been done across a full publication before.

It's 326 pages with insane neon detailing