OEN Magazine #1

OEN was founded by Mark Robinson to highlight how design, art and craft can play a part in our modern world. Objects that aren’t brash or attention seeking, those that sit quietly, doing their job well and becoming seamlessly integrated in to our everyday environment.

Inspired by the simple things in life, we showcase a curation of everyday design and craft. We look to document these artisans and share their stories.


“Each plank … can have only one ideal use. The woodworker must find this ideal use and create an object of utility to man, and if nature smiles, an object of lasting beauty”

- George Nakashima

Too many of us spend our day to day lives roaming around unappreciative of the small details in front of our eyes. How was that spoon made? Did a potter make these vessels by hand? The exceptional has almost become unexceptional thanks to our limited knowledge and lack of respect for the craftsmen and makers who sweat over the small, but important, details.

Our vision is to change the way we view these goods, at the same time working to support the craft and design community. Respecting those individuals that make objects by hand is of ultimate importance, their commitment to using quality materials, alongside their understanding of utility. All of these attributes lead to a timeless object that will become an important companion in our lives.