Oceans of Lemonade and Other Necessary Nowheres

Milly Langworth, Joe Morgan, Rhys Williams (Authors)

A sea of porridge. River beds of pearls. Walls of sugar cake. Chamber pots of gold. A skull-shaped map. Silent machines. A woodland paradise. A boreal crown. A playground world. Values upended. Order. Anarchy. Passions set free. The Houses of Parliament repurposed…

Picking through the rubble of the fall of utopia, a story emerges which can tell us as much about our present as it can about our past. Oceans of Lemonade and Other Necessary Nowheres is your pocket-sized utopian handbook. 60 pages of text and illustrations trace the history of literary utopias from Medieval times to the present day, asking the question: where have all the big dreams gone?

Softcover, 60 pages
Published by Joe Morgan (2019)
ISBN 9781527254947
10.5 x 14.5 x 0.5 cm