Objection #1

Objection brings a new subjective aesthetic to Design by exploring and challenging the visual representation of the objects of the everyday.

It highlights these items incredible craft and beauty, bringing them to life through a new dialog between design, fashion and art.

The publication will be made of 6 collectible issues: The Living Room, The Bedroom, The Bathroom, The Kitchen, The Office & The Garden.

Each will bring together the best international contributors from the sectors of fashion, photography, design and interior architecture.

It looks down the lens at craft and beauty of the details and decorative touches – often the smaller or unnoticed, from an ashtray to the parasol – that create the home environment, bringing them to life, the publishers say, 'through a new dialog between design, fashion and art'.

Collectors should note that there will there will be only six editions of Objection, individually dedicated to a particular room or area: 'The Living Room', 'The Bedroom', 'The Bathroom', 'The Kitchen', 'The Office' and 'The Garden'. Each issue brings together expert names from fashion, photography, design and interior architecture to give their spin.

Objection reminds of many of our most popular and progressive art, fashion and interiors magazines – think Apartamento, MacGuffin, Space, Carcy and the like, while not ignoring the gorgeous, vintage chintz of Cabana. But is an original blend, sized up and screened large. And this is a very statuesque magazine, measuring 38.7cm x 28cm and unbound.