Numero Homme Berlin #17

Numéro Berlin is probably the boldest of all the Numéros. It definitely is the thickest. This brick of a magazine is always one step ahead and not afraid to combine luxury fashion with provocative thoughts and spreads. It comes out twice a year in a male and a female version, but they prefer to think of it as Yin and Yang because everything is fluid.

"Numéro Homme Berlin" is the platform and a reflection of a new German style and of an ambitious creative generation, which forms art, culture and fashion in a new way. We want to convey this on a local and international level in all facets. By combining the power of images and words, the magazine creates a new language – staged by the most talented and best authors and photographers worldwide.

In Issue #17

A massive 6lb issue issue is split in to 2 large zine-and-pullout-stuffed-magazines, which together sandwich more zines!  Note: the second half of this issue, Volume B, is also included in Numero Berlin, however the main issue differs.

Issue contributors include: Aline Alagem, Etel Adnan, Mehmet & Kazim Akal, Darja Bajagić, Vanessa Beecroft, Jon Burgerman, Coco Capitán, Pelle Cass, Jerrell Gibbs, Eve Wangui Gichuhi, Prince Gyasi, Lebohang Kganye, Clifford Prince King, Yikna Ilori, Esben Weile Kjær, Alicja Kwade, No Martins, Slava Mogutin, Kristina Nagel, Toyin Ojih Odutola, Lydia Maria Pfeffer, Pieter Schoolwerth, Sevina Tzanou, Anna Virnich, Guy Yanai, Zach Zono, Joachim Bessing, Marien Brandon, Alex Brzezicka, Gianluca Cantaro, Liam Cagney, Jazmina Figueroa, Robert Grunenberg, Nora Hagdahl, Hanna Hetherington, Juule Kay, Hendrick Lakeberg, Adam Lehrer, Johanne Björklund Larsen, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Emily Mei-Mei Rose, Hannah Sulzbach, Erin Taylor, Angela Waters, Diana Weis, Ana Simona Zelenović, Grégoire Alexandre, Julien Barbès, Jonathan Vincent Baron, Arvida Byström, Alex Brunet & Olga Varova, Asger Carisen, Driu & Tiago, Thomas Hauser, Markus Jans, Ryan McGinley, Daniel Roché, Gabriele Rosati, Jack Appleyard, Jeanna Krichel, Giulia Parenti, Klaus Stockhausen, and more!

9 x 12", 700+ pages

Note: each issue of Numero Berlin comes wrapped in cellophane, which sometimes opens and tears in transit. Open or broken cellophane wrap is not considered damage. If cellophane is open to a degree that it's no longer performing its job, it will be removed entirely and the magazine will be shipped in alternate protective wrapping.