Nomad Interview #3

The Future Mind Issue

“Nomad Interview’s third project is ‘Future Minds.’”

The mind that worries about the future… the mind that moves the future!
Nomad Interview met up with People who Build the Future in Tokyo, Seattle, and San Francisco.

Here are our Future Minders

  • A creator that builds work–life balance, Founder of Vimeo, CEO of dwell, Zach Klein.
  • A futurologist that enlightens learning in sync with the world, Futurist, Howard Rheingold.
  • Heath Community unites with like-minded neighbors, Co-owners of Heath Ceramics, Catherine Bailey, Robin Petravic.
  • A leader that provides inspiration and influence, President of Global Creative of Fast Retailing, John C Jay.
  • A creative director that solves problems by putting himself in other people’s shoes, Former Creative Director of Tesla, Boom Supersonic, Chester Chipperfield.
  • Writers needs writers, Hugo House, Founder of Copper Canyon Press, Executive Director of Hugo House, Tree Swenson

We wanted to paint the potentials of the future by utilizing their creative talents.

“How will our future look?”, “How will people survive in the era of superintelligence?”, “How can we turn fear into hope?”, “How do we restore humanity?”, We hope that the Future Minds interviews can provide you with wisdom and foresight, inspiring you to paint your own future and also work toward a diverse one.



  • People - contributors


  • Interview with the Future Minders in Tokyo, Seattle, and San Francisco
  • Zach Klein - 12.  Co-Founder of Vimeo and DIY, CEO of Dwell. A creator that builds work–life balance
  • Howard Rheingold - 32. Futurologist. A futurologist that enlightens learning in sync with the world
  • Catherine Bailey, Robin Petravic - 44 Partners and Owners of Heath Ceramics. Heath community bands with like- minded neighbors