Noit #5 Bodies As In Buildings

NOIT — 5: bodies as in buildings is a collection of essays, short stories, and images exploring what happens when the domestic, the home, and the body are alienated from their most basic associations and given new ones.

In these works, the threshold between house and street, the distinction between the public and private, becomes porous and inexhaustibly complex.

NOIT — 5 features works by students from the MA Writing Programme at the Royal College of Art and an afterword by Brian Dillon.

NOIT is a creative journal published by Flat Time House. Comprising new writing and visual contributions, NOIT explores the theoretical concerns and artwork of John Latham (1921–2006), and their continued relevance.

The title of the journal, NOIT comes from Latham’s reversal of the suffix ‘-tion’ which transforms verbs into nouns. Its inversion ‘noit’ suggests a transformation of nouns into verbs, a shift from talk about objects to talk about events.

‘Noit’ can also be read as ‘no it’, the sign of an activity that ‘defies its own definition by denying the validity of any given definition’ (John Latham, 1970). Flat Time House (FTHo) is a gallery, archive and space for education and residencies in Latham’s former home and studio.