Musotrees #4

Musotrees is a Kuala Lumpur-based periodical print that explores on journey and destination.

Founded by four friends, Musotrees was initiated through mobile photography and constant idea of traveling.

Introducing The Home Issue

'With different elements of home, we portray a beautiful Danish interior from Copenhagen and a rustic Russian living style. Swiss travellers shared with us their re-imagination of “home” on the go — from Auckland to Queenstown and municipalities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo from a French perspective.

Stories from back home include one of our city Kuala Lumpur and a verbal snapshot of a vintage neighbourhood in Ipoh.

We spoke to San Francisco’s VSCO founder Greg Lutze and the O Apartamento team in Lisbon. Coolmapp founder Francisco Pujals in Barcelona and KL’s Studio + Folks duo Kashfi and Arief also shared their visions in this issue.

Stay home, wherever, be comfortable and explore Home Issue.' - Musotrees