MuirMcNeil TenPoint Type Specimen

MuirMcNeil TenPoint is a modular type system constructed from repetitions of a single open cell within a fixed grid. It is an experiment in progressively reducing alphabetic forms to the tipping point between their function as carriers of information and pure abstractions.

The TenPoint specimen is typeset in multiple layers of MuirMcNeil TenPoint in scales that increase in resolution and complexity while remaining at the same point size throughout. It also features ‘Beyond Words. Typographic units at the limits of alphabetic writing’, an essay about MuirMcNeil’s work by the designer and educator Robert Hetherington, originally published on Design Observer.

TenPoint type specimen, 16 A4 pages, map-folded and printed in neon pink, aubergine and metallic bronze inks.

Format: 16pp 297 x 210mm. Opens to 841 x 594mm.