Mother Tongue #4

Mother Tongue is a biannual print magazine that interrogates (and celebrates) modern motherhood through inclusive stories about art, sex, pop culture, politics, food and a few things in between.

It’s not about kids or how to parent them: it’s about the nuanced lives we are living—as mothers, and much more.


Mother Tongue Issue 4 looks at fantasies (of the sexy lion kind) with Bat For Lashes, and Real Housewives (of the Jenna Lyons kind) with Sarah Hoover.

It’s about mental health and vengeful brunettes. Cats and crows and coming to motherhood from a more informed place, or choosing to forego it altogether.

It is about being women with children and women without children—and why is it never just women, full stop?

And it is also about the fragility of the human experience, about lust—or lack thereof—and about caring for others and one’s self. It is about revolution and letting go, orthodontics and The Bodyguard soundtrack.

And it is about dreams, and desperately trying to understand them.