More Or Less #2

More Or Less is not another magazine showcasing only current-season fashion. Vintage, army surplus, sportswear, old school uniforms, craft, rubbish – all are fair game. 

A major goal of More Or Less is to provoke thought about the decisions we make when we buy clothes – factoring in the realities of cost and consumption. I also wanted to offer a glimpse of how real people actually dress without sacrificing the transportive magic and fantasy of fashion. 

“This is the only conversation to be having in fashion right now,” the supermodel and activist Amber Valletta said to More Or Less editor, Jaime Perlman, at her Malibu cover shoot. Her thoughts on sustainability and environmental impact resonated powerfully when, a week later, the ravaging California wildfires engulfed the area. A key cause of them was climate change-induced drought.

For the second issue of More Or Less, she spoke to Hanna Hanra and was photographed by Theo Wenner in a number of conscious and upcycled brands (including Patagonia, which has donated 1% of sales to the preservation of the environment since 1985 and recently gave its $10 million tax cut to environmental charities).There is much to be hopeful for, but there is a long way to go. Fortunately, the fashion industry is one of the most creative and innovative in the world, and is likely to rise to address the environmental crisis of which it is a part. For this reason the second issue of More Or Less largely devoted to raising awareness and celebrating the new, fun ideas that are being invented around the manufacturing of clothing in more ethical and eco-conscious ways. Not everything in the issue is sustainable, but we wanted to provoke thought about the choices we make with where and how we shop.

232 pages, 36.5 x 27cm