Moomin Originals "Gone Fishing" Mug 3,7 dl

White enamel mug with Momintroll having a nap at the meadow.

Cheer up your coffee and tea moments! Muurla combines design and durability in this beautiful Moomin enamel mug.

They are suitable not only for traditional table setting but also for any kind of outdoor use - including hiking, cottage and boat. Volume 3.7dl.

The enamel products consist of a carbon steel core and a double coating of enamel. High quality enamel, Indoors & outdoors, hot & cold drinks, dishwasher safe.

For this pristine series,  the time and effort has been put in creating forms and shapes that highlights the original and eminent drawings. Simple yet modern shapes are the combining elements that are fit for Tove Jansson's masterpieces.