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Moby Whale Plastic Bag Holder and Toilet Paper Dispenser

Plastic bags kill countless numbers of sea creatures every year. Do your part to minimise the number of plastic bags thrown away by reusing your plastic bags or using cloth bags.

This whale plastic bag holder will help remind you of the unintended effects of our waste products to sea life and be more conscious of our lifestyle.

Made of 28 recycled PET bottles, Moby the Whale is designed by Qualy to hold all your plastic bags and dispense it. It is a way to bring awareness to the fact that plastic bags kill countless oceanic animals each year.

Moby encourages the reuse of your plastic bags while gently reminding you that every bag you use might end up eaten by a whale or two. For those of us who want to be more conscious of our unintended actions, this is a great way to start. Why not gift moby to anyone you know who is an advocate of saving the marine life and our beautiful oceanic creatures!