Milk #77

A quarterly magazine published in English and French about family, fashion, lifestyle and travel.

Milk gives us a collection of family based fashions and ideas, focusing mainly on children’s clothing but also including holiday destinations, new and innovative designs in both fashion and architecture, music suggestions and celebrity profiles. Milk English is that version of the French magazine.

As for kids’ fashion, there is a glorious array of styles from boho chic to classic preppy tailoring. There are plenty of designer features, to help with everyday life with kids, from the best buggies to the coolest glasses, all aimed at creating the best look for each individual child.

Issue #77

This issue to our beloved teens. As you'll learn in the coming pages, the teen brain is programmed to stop hearing and therefore complying with a mother's voice! The only voices that are audible to them are their friends. Aside from this shocking finding, we explore other teenage mysteries: from their fashion, to their love lives, their activism to their stresses and anxieties. Analyzed by the media, adored by Netflix, adolescence is a fascinating subject. And we're certainly fascinated by it.