ON THE COVER: MilK x Monoprix collaboration : « Back to Work »

PEDAGOGYNeuroscience at the service of education

SOCIETYMental load, a fatality?

FASHION Back to Work by Karel Balas + Sensee by Maxim Monti + Mode in France by Charlotte Lapalus + Little Makers by Fanny Latour-Lambert + Upside Down by Abi Campbell + Un-par-ad-ed by Mark Shearwood + The Endless Summer by Denise Bovee

LIFESTYLEAt home with the creator of Beton Studios in Stockholm

INSIDE: A family home in the heart of Amsterdam

FOOD: Two green recipes by the danish chief Mikkel Karstad

TOURISM: Catalonia with your family ; The Country Lodge in the Perche