A self deprecating print-only magazine embedded with humour and wit, MERDE reflects on fashion’s cultural landscape by exploring the creative process without a filter. With the aim to disrupt tired fashion narratives, each biannual issue picks a theme to explore -in all seriousness.

MERDE is ruled and empowered by atypical creative expression. MERDE explores the visions and voices of unlikely narratives from inside and outside the fashion scene, building a larger story of creative practices.

A publication with reflexive intuitions, MERDE aims to satisfy fashion’s postmodern desire for unconventional and subversive text and imagery.

Spring/Summer 2021

The special larger Issue V navigates contradictions, controversy, and oppositions in the fashionscape. The cover editorial is shot by Alexander Massek in London, complimenting a story exploring form versus function by Matthew Burgos.

Contradictions, controversy, and oppositions in the fashion scape - the larger 5th issue of MERDE features contributors including:

Tom Brannigan, Matthew Burgos, Malorie Shmyr, Gab Bois, Lot28 Design, Dopl World, Daniel Arrnabar, Federico Cabrera and many more.

Cover shot by Alexander Massek

Printed on Maestro Print Paper

144 pages of subversive fashion content.