Meantime #4

Meantime is an independent magazine documenting Singapore stories lost to time. Published annually, each issue uncovers our past through personal stories.

Meantime #4: Bad Stories

Singapore behaves likes it’s no sin city.

But is being bad all that terrible? If we lived completely by obedience, life would probably be painfully dull. So enter our villain era. Revisit our past through misbehaviour and mischief, with stories about lost wine, a crow culling campaign, biker gangs, and more.

We are putting the sin back in Singapore.

A sliced cover; the publication comes with a deep die-cut across its body. Put it upright, and it appears to be sinking. It’s a work of titanic proportions. Plenty of print secrets; discover bullet holes, foil stamping, and a risograph insert between the pages – steeped in a special Pantone neon green. An emblazoned spine; sin is misbehaviour and mischief, but also a reference to the country code. Enter our villain era. It’s all about the bad, the unsavoury, and the unorthodox.

In this issue:

  • A man sells lost liquor
  • Biker gangs and gals talk about the glory of riding
  • The lottery ladies dedicated to a national pastime
  • Inside this tower, tenants share their space with sleaze
  • A family raised by a bygone sisterhood
  • In a wild city, these superhumans tame beasts
  • Citizens take a snooze in public