Mcnai #1 SAUCE

Mcnai magazine (est. June 2020) is a “food-inspired independent magazine.”

Based on our slogan “Food Culture for Youths,” we have designed and crafted magazines focusing on the unique joy dining experiences can bring.

Mcnai magazine does not solely focus just on food and dishes but also looks into the cultural context of food including the impacts of the atmosphere, background music, and people.

The more impactful an evening meal is, the better. When each evening’s meal is even the slightest bit stimulating, life feels significantly more exciting. But the groceries in the fridge consist of the usual, boring items.

Although it’s possible to travel an extra half hour on the train to the neighboring town’s grocery store to peruse the aisles stocked with interesting and unusual ingredients, it’s a difficult trip to make every day. And yet, the ordinary ingredients already in the fridge also seek to be stimulated.

In other words, it’s possible to create an impactful and exciting meal from what is already in the house: stimulation at a reasonable price. What I want is something with a strong, impactful flavor. Cheap junk food like over-salted chips or sugary candy won’t cut it. But there is one thing that can undoubtedly fulfill this craving. Sauce. 

Sauces can be traced back to 200 B.C in the Roman Empire where various viscous liquids were used to add a zing to their dishes. The word “sauce” originates from Medieval France. At the time, they were used to season the fine cuisine eaten by French aristocrats. However, following the French Revolution, sauce gained popularity as more people began to dine at restaurants and employ chefs.

Chefs now catered more to common folk, not just upper-class noblemen. With this shift in customers, chefs began to use easily-attainable and cheaper ingredients so more people could afford to consume their dishes. This led to the creation of various affordable and delicious sauces. Sauce became a rebellion against the previously existing food culture of the time. 

 This introduction of sauces as a common component in cooking acted as a spark that triggered the transformation and development of the myriad of shapes and flavors of sauce that exist today.

Crafting new sauces also encouraged chefs to be more explorative and adventurous in their cooking, which continues to have a lasting impact on modern food culture. It truly is a magical substance. Even if the ingredients are a mystery to the consumer, it’s a game-changer for many different dishes. 

This issue of mcnai magazine will take a closer look at how sauce can continue to revolutionize the youth’s way of eating. What ingredients are in the sauces that we come across every day? What counts as a sauce? These are just some things to keep in mind while reading this issue.