Matto #3

MATTO is a new independent magazine as a crossover between ‘art-design-Literature-photography-fashion-sex’. Created by Aldo Buscalferri and Dominika Hadelova.

Some of the content of the third issue: an interview with SUZANNE TARASIEVE, a renowned Parisian gallerist who recently celebrated forty years of her activity; a literary feature on Jonas Mekas and translation by CHIARA ZOCCHI, an award-winning Italian novelist; photo series by Berlin-based THOMAS HAUSER; a conversation with fashion designer KOSTAS MURKUDIS; a studio visit with FORMAFANTASMA, a design duo in Amsterdam presenting at the Serpentine Galleries; a personal photo series by Swedish JH ENGSTROM, a conversation with Korean haute-patissier YOHAN KIM; photography by JUERGEN TELLER; conversation with ANOUK BECKERS, a researcher and designer of modular clothing system, fashion critique essay on designers and ornament written by FEMKE DE VRIES; interview with 90 year old Czech avant garde artist STANISLAV KOLIBAL; a conversation on the invisible with artist and breathwork teacher LAUREN SPECER KING; studio visit with artist DRIANT ZENELI in Tirana, Albania; series of paintings by OSCAR MURILLO and fiction by ROOKSANA HOSSENALLY; interview with ANTHONY CAIRNS on forgotten photography techniques, and more…