Mastermind #8

Not quite a magazine, nor exactly a book, Mastermind is rather a hybrid object; a polyphonic work marching to the beat of ten chapters focused on questions, creators and places in whose voices we heard an eternal urgency, brimming with unexpected possibilities. It is a kind of magazine with its own unique look & feel crafted by Marie-Amélie Sauvé. “Mastermind is setting our times to words and images.”

The present of Mastermind is a time designed to last, made to be stopped, explored and revisited. Like a collection of short stories or a beloved record we leave to one side, only to come back to it, time and again. A global publication that is produced in English and distributed worldwide by Bruil & van de Staaij.

In Mastermind 08, the radiant actress Léa Seydoux invites us into her cinematic universe, and John Legend ponders the power of music in times of despair. Two powerhouses of French cinema, actress Marina Foïs and director Christophe Honoré, hold a lively discussion on the female gaze and the limits of gender, while chef Yotam Ottolenghi serves up some of his irresistible dishes.

A portion of the proceeds from Mastermind 08 will be donated to Medecins Sans Frontieres, the international humanitarian organization providing medical support to countries affected by conflict and disease.