Martin Parr Return to Manchester

Manchester Art Gallery commissioned Parr to make a new body of work – a portrait of the city and its people in 2018. Parr has made a number of recent visits to Manchester, meeting people shopping, in hairdressers, in Mosques, in cafes, at markets, in factories, at parties, playing sport and in the gay village. He has captured scientists doing ground-breaking research at Manchester University, fans of the city’s world famous football teams and the state of the art facilities at the BBC in Media City.

The images reveal the diversity and inclusive nature of our city and the breadth of activity which takes place. They uncover people’s passions, skills, relationships, quirks – celebrating the humanity of the everyday. A selection of these prints will enter the gallery’s collection.

This catalogue to accompany the exhibition includes black and white images of Prestwich Mental Hospital in 1972, Yates’s Wine Lodges 1982-3, colour Point of Sale photographs from 1986 and the Guardian Cities Project in 2008 as well as from the 2018 new commission.

Format - hardcover
Publisher - Manchester Art Gallery