Marble #1

The Doodle Issue

These are strange times. There’s more than a crackle of rebellion in the air. Protest marches are being held. This September I will be 50 years old… This year marked the 50th anniversary of the Paris riots of 1968 when young French women protested to get equal rights. But in the words of Tracy Thorn from her excellent new album... ‘What year is it? Still arguing the same shit?’ We should all be feminists.

This spirit of protesting youth was the inspiration behind one of the stories in this first issue – The Prophets. This will be a new kind of lifestyle and photography magazine. An independent publication that playfully investigates fresh modes of image-making with ‘girls, boys, art & pleasure’ being our touchpoints and areas of focus. A colourful, rich odyssey of emotionally charged stories which question what is important in the worlds of fashion, beauty, jewellery and the arts. Marble magazine gives a creative platform to emerging and established artists and writers to share their visions and rediscover the joy of making truly creative images outside the constraints of the commercial world.

The magazine features the work of renowned fashion, beauty and art photographers, fine artists, and writers alongside exciting new talents which comprise the next generation of exceptional tastemakers. Each of the shoots and articles in this issue has been carefully conceived and is rooted in a truly personal story. But it’s not all serious! Marble is about having fun – a game of marbles, a colourful celebration of diverse cultures, for adults who really don’t ever want to fully grow up. Why are we so obsessed with video games, re-listening to the mix-tapes of our childhood... and making sequels to our favourite teenage films? Can we talk about Stranger Things? We love it coz it makes us feel like kids again. Why even make a new magazine? What kind of magazine to make?

We’re doing our best to get this right. Great writers, paired with great image makers and packaged in a product that’s worth collecting. A magazine full of joy and pathos that hopefully will make people smile and pause on every page the way The Face and Interview used to make me pause in the ‘90s. Those magazines inspired me. They made me think ‘Shit, one day, I’ll create my own, magazine... hopefully before I’m 50.’

Well, we made one intended for people who dream, and never want to let their inner child die. Hope that’s you. Hope you love Marble.