Man on the Moon #4

Mission Four - The Winter Issue

Man on the Moon, a publication dedicated to the dreams of men, inspired by the mythical phrase Martin Luther King: I have a dream . 

The goal is to inspire all those readers who seek to achieve their goals. It is by Spainmedia, following the wake of the gastronomic Tapas, which was born three years ago and has already been awarded the Best Magazine Award of the year 2016. The Man on the Moon project "will tell different stories for all those men who have a dream," explains its editor and director, Andrés Rodríguez. "Our mission is to talk about how the man of the 21st century is, with his lack of memory, his illusions, his stumbles and his myths, will talk about that man who forgets that he is mortal, who is destroying the planet, who wants to buy everything and when he has it, he stops wishing it, "explains Rodríguez, who is satisfied to create a new magazine in times "of weakened edition".

The magazine has global ambition and a circulation of 70,000 copies in Spanish and 25,000 in English and will be sold, as well as in Spain, in the main cities of America and Europe. The role is a "luxury" for the director of this new medium. "Currently, in high-end magazines, paper is experiencing a flowering that is going to be even greater, it's only a matter of time", emphasises Andrés Rodríguez. Man on the Moon questions his reader directly, changing the legendary phrase of Martin Luther King: you also have a dream. He will talk about those that have already been fulfilled and the many that are still to be reached.