Luncheon #12

LUNCHEON is an independent cultural magazine mixing art, fashion and food. Free spirited in its content this biannual magazine offers readers a generous feast for the eyes and the mind. The essence of conversations over lunch is at its core and each issue is constructed as if a menu. Over the lunch table, the magazine brings together different generations who share opinions, stories and memories, offering us an insight into their unique cultural contributions. 

There are three covers for Luncheon #12 featuring artwork by Niko Pirosmanashvili (Pirosmani), Simon Popper, and Diana Achan wearing Comme des Garçons - Photographed by Jordan Hemingway and styled by Nell Kalonji

Within the issue is a portfolio of pages supporting chefs and restaurants at this continuously challenging time, along with features on artists, writers, photographers and chefs, among them Simon Popper, Jeremy Lee, Josefine Skomars, Jakob Muller-Meernach, Freya Morris, Charlotte Cullinan and Jeanine RIchards, Roisin Murphy and Shygirl in conversation with C.L. Mayers, Zanne Chaudray in conversation with Yuri Mechitov, Margot Henderson, Hugh Corcoran, Sonali Shah and Jackson Boxer...