Lost Dreams

Lost Dreams - Simon Wheatley

Photographer Simon Wheatley's latest book, made up of photographs taken in and out of East London community centres between 2005-07, is a time capsule to a lost era of London life. He speaks to author Ciaran Thapar about what he learned along the way.

Lost Dreams details the youth clubs of East London from 2005 to '07, these clubs provided the foundations for aspiring musicians some of whom are now well recognised in the grime scene and beyond. If you're at all familiar with Wheatley's previous book on the heydays of Grime, you'll know the depths of his access to the subject and his attention to detail photographically.

Wheatley's previous title, 'Don't Call Me Urban' is near impossible to find these days, Lost Dreams is a rare chance to own a portion of Wheatley's incredible work, do not sleep!

Lost Dreams - Simon Wheatley
2005 - 07
Photography: Simon Wheatley
Poetry: Hak Baker
Interview: Discarda
Design: Mitchell Bradshaw

174 Pages
Printed & ring bound in London